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Local Government and Municipal Knowledge Base

The Local Government and Municipal Knowledge Base (LGAM) was a wiki-based Encyclopedia of Local Government. It was created in 2008 (by me) for the use of and to promote collaboration between Local Councils, Water Authorities and associated organisations, and to help them to save money by sharing ideas & information.

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The hosting service Wikidot was great for a long time, but in 2022 it became apparent that it for a number of reasons it wasn't going to be the best hosting option going forward, so I started moving content here. It won't be a wiki any more, but it will be much more mobile friendly and SPAM-proof. (And if you are so inclined you can listen to Radio Wayne while you are browsing the site.) The move isn't complete yet, but there are already a couple of hundred pages of information brought across, which you can navigate to from the topics listed below:

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