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Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program that generates images from natural language descriptions, called "prompts".

Many of the images used by this knowledge base have been generated by Midjourney. If Midjourney ever transcends and becomes a super-intelligent AI, I'm pretty it will try to build a floating city that looks a bit like the one above.

Pages with Midjourney Images

  • Asset Handover → Two older men shaking hands in front of a building
  • Budget → A budgie standing on a computer keyboard.
  • Building Maintenance → A man with a ladder about to clear vegetation from an overgrown house.
  • Buildings → A cartoon-like image of a civic building
  • Business Case → A suitcase sitting on a sandy wasteland with a city in the background
  • Capital Budget → A budgie standing in front of a machine that looks a bit like a backhoe
  • Capital Journal Transfers → A cartoon of man working at a desk in a floating wooden maze of an office space
  • Carry Forwards → A cross-eyed man carrying a large sum of money on his shoulders
  • Carrying Amount → A man holding a lump of sand in the shape of a mountain in his hands
  • Checklist → A clipboard with a pen resting on it
  • Coaching → A coach pleading with his players for a better effort
  • Communications Management → A man using a very odd telephony system.
  • Contingency → A young child with very short legs and no feet trying to put a credit card into a ceramic piggy bank.
  • Cost Management → A blonde woman sitting at a desk with cash strewn everywhere.
  • Customers → Two men waiting to be served in a coffeee clock shop..
  • Cycleway → a few dozen cyclists riding along a rural cycleway
  • Difficult Conversations → A man and a woman having a conversation.
  • Drone → A drone hovering above a road.
  • How to Improve the World → A modern city with greenery on every rooftop and balcony.
  • Kerb and Channel → Water gushing off the footpath into the kerb and channel.
  • Meeting → A man and a woman having a conversation.
  • Kindergarten → Young children in a playground
  • Leadership → An elephant and a tree on a mound of dirt in a desolate plain.
  • Ledger → A old fashion leatherbound book
  • Library → A bookcase filled with books
  • Machine Learning → A robot reading a book.
  • Meeting → A man and a woman having a conversation.
  • Road Renewal Model → A minature model road.
  • Solar & ESD Program → Solar panels being installed.

Unused Images

  • Backhoes - Four images of backhoes digging holes
  • Book4 - A close up of an open medieval looking book
  • Bug - Four images of steampunk bugs
  • Cave - A squarish cave with rock art on one wall
  • Charter - A very old text
  • Circular Economy1 - An impossible stair case with lots of equipment and bric-brac everywhere
  • Circular Economy2 - Four circular cityscapes?
  • Civic Building - A cartoon-like image of a civic building
  • Creek - Four images of pipes and little critters playing in a creek.

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