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Knowledge Bases Australia is a small business with a big vision.

We want to help communities right across Australia become more; connected, self sufficient and interesting to live in, by giving the people that make up those communities a mechanism to connect with each other, and apply their collective intelligence to the task of making each other's lives better.

We plan to set up and curate a series of community-based knowledge bases like this one (Knowledge Whittlesea), as the first step in realising the vision stated above.


In October 2008 we set up the Local Government & Municipal (LGAM) Knowledge Base - a wiki-based Encyclopedia of Local Government, designed to enable and promote collaboration between Local Councils, Water Authorities and associated organisations, and to help them to save money by sharing ideas & information.


LGAM now has over 1450 site members, contains over 6000 pages of information covering a wide range of local government related topics, and has been visited well over 2 million times. It has been successful in helping to connect the Local Government community.

We plan to make Knowledge Whittlesea has well known as as useful as the LGAM Knowledge Base and use it as a proof of concept, that will encourage the creation of similar sites right across Australia.


If you have any questions, please contact Wayne Eddy at

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