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If you have a business that operates out of, or provides a service to the residents of the City of Whittlesea you are more than welcome to use this site to create a page about your business.

If your business is located within the City or Whittlesea or in one of the suburbs that is located at least partially within the City of Whittlesea; (i.e. Bundoora, Doreen, Donnybrook, Kinglake West), you can then list your business on the appropriate suburb business page, below.

Once you've created a page for your business, you (and everyone else) will be able to find it in a number of ways; via the above suburb specific business page, via the search bar at the top of the page, and via the A to Z site Index. After a while it should also start to show up in search engines.

On top of this we'd like site users to be able to see which businesses provide particular services, so we are setting up pages about a range of services. These services pages will amongst other things will include a list of businesses that prove that particular service.

If you would like your business to show up on one or more of these services pages, contact, and we'll set that up for you too. (We are doing this for free (for local businesses) while we are establishing the site, but will probably have to either charge a small fee or ask you to contribute something else to the site for doing so, sometime down the track, so get in quick!)

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