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Knowledge Whittlesea

Knowledge Whittlesea is an Encyclopedia of and for the City of Whittlesea.

It is designed to:

  • Help the residents of the City of Whittlesea to learn more about local; places, events, services and organisations.
  • Give local businesses a cheap and easy way to build their online presence and connect with their local community.

The site already contains over 1000 articles which you can easily access via the A to Z site index, by Searching the site, or by picking a Random Page and following links of interest.

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If you belong to a local community group or sporting club and we don't have a page about you yet or you have a suggestion for making an existing article better, please contact us at and let us know.

Likewise, if you are a local business and you'd like us create a page about your business, we can do that too. (If you get in quick we'll do for free.)